Mozilla Thunderbird


A practical, attractive and totally customizable email client for your PC!


  • Can be expanded via add-ons
  • Efficient search engine
  • Customizable look


  • Nothing outstanding

Mozilla Thunderbird is a brilliant, free and customizable email client for PC that was created by the developers of Mozilla Firefox.

Nowadays most people manage multiple email addresses, an email for work, personal use etc. That is why email clients are so useful, they save you time and energy by amalgamating all your accounts into one single inbox. Mozilla Thunderbird offers a convenient and practical service for anyone out there juggling a number of different email accounts. 

Mozilla Thunderbird is an extremely useful email client

Mozilla Thunderbird offers a convenient and practical service for anyone out there juggling a number of different email accounts. 

As well as providing you with a one-stop destination for all your email correspondences, Mozilla Thunderbird also contains an built-in search engine. This allows you to find whatever you need in your inbox, simply type in a word and Thunderbird will show you all the relevant results. 

Importantly, Mozilla Thunderbird automatically classifies and filters those messages marked as spam or trash mail. This powerful utility also supports IMAP and POP protocols, as well as HTML editing in your emails. Mozilla have provided a safe client that secures you against email fraud or against programs that try to get your information.

The latest version of Thunderbird is better than ever!

Similar to Mozilla's browser Firefox, Thunderbird contains a sleek and modern interface. This application makes juggling dozens of emails very easy. The client contains an excellent tab feature, so you can open a number of emails at a time and switch between them with comfort

Being an open-source application, there are hundreds of applications and complements available to improve your experience. And, as with all Mozilla products, you can customize its appearance to your liking

If you are in the search for a useful and attractive email client then Mozilla Thunderbird is the way to go, dowlnload it now for free!

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Type Free (GPL)

Version 60.0

Size 30.22 MB

Other versions

60.0 52.9.1 52.9.0 52.8.0 52.7.0