MP3 Remix for Winamp


MP3 Remix for Winamp lets you mix your favorite songs within the audio player

MP3 Remix for Winamp is an add-on for the popular audio player, with which you’ll mix and version your favorite songs. Thus, you will include effects and adjust its parameters to make your music sound totally different.

The operation of MP3 Remix for Winamp is so simple that you won’t need any knowledge about musical tools. You’ll just have to load the song you want to mix again in one of the supported formats: MP3 and Audio CD. Then you’ll be able to choose the effect you want and define the exact amount of it you want to apply.

Thus, you’ll add voices, beats, samples and you’ll modify the song’s tone and tempo to get a customized version. All this will be possible for you through the MP3 Remix for Winamp interface that has a number of controls and viewers that will make your task quite simple.

• Intuitive interface
• Easy to use compared with similar applications
• Large number of effects available

• Limited support of formats

MP3 Remix for Winamp limitations:
• Restricted features
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Type Shareware

Version 3.8

Size 1.03 kB

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