Comfortably communicate for free with the best IM available

MSN Messenger is an instant messaging program with which you’ll contact your friends and family over the Internet. You can download it for free, and within minutes you’ll be talking with an entire network of contacts using a large variety of methods.

The instant messenger par excellence

Although it isn’t a pioneering software in the area of communications, the innovations that MSN Messenger included over the years undoubtedly make it a reference among similar applications. This is because of the addition of diverse items that expand its offering from simple plain words to a myriad of graphic and audiovisual options.

Thus, in addition to the text messages that you can send your contacts there are graphic elements such as emoticons and winks, which are no more than nice animations. Besides, the possibility to send up to 15 seconds of audio as well as to transmit video images significantly enrich the way in which you talk over the Web.

Your personality in your instant messaging

When a person communicates with another, they have a specific way of doing it: a tone of voice, an inflection, a number of gestures, a body position, etc. This shouldn’t be any different in digital communications, and the MSN Messenger developers know it.

Thus, the program will let you customize a large number of aspects. You’ll include new emoticons and winks that you can download for free from the Web, choose a photo that represents you, modify the colors and the fonts in which you write and even adapt the environment in which you chat with your favorite skins and colors.

MSN Messenger gives you more

To top it off, MSN Messenger will offer you other features that you will surely enjoy. Among them you’ll find support for file transfers over the program’s own platform, which you’ll use to share documents, images, videos, and audio tracks with all your contacts.

Also, the possibility to organize your contacts into groups and defining your online status will suit you perfectly to maintain the conversations you want.

Although it has been completely renewed to become Windows Live Messenger, MSN Messenger is still an excellent alternative for your day-to-day communications, thanks to a large number of options, its versatility and its stupendous performance.

New features:
• Addition of winks
• Videoconference
• Sending pre-recorded audio
• Writing in handwriting

• Transfer of all types of files
• Numerous customization options
• Large number of emoticons and winks
• Sending video images
• Doesn’t use much memory

• Lots of advertising
• No official support
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Type Freeware

Version 7.0.0820

Size 10.28 MB

Other versions

7.0.0820 7.0