MWS Reader is a convenient and essential tool for those with poor sight


  • Reads text aloud
  • User-friendly
  • Recognises and reads texts from different programs
  • Allows you to record audio messages


  • Nothing noteworthy

MWS Reader is a reader program that reads text from the computer out loud.

Whether you have problems with your sight, you are learning a new language or you are busy but wanted to hear the latest headlines from a news website then MWS Reader may be a useful utility tool for you.

This application reads text aloud from your computer in a natural sounding voice and in a variety of different languages. So if you want help learning a language’s pronunciation of words then the MWS Reader can be useful in this way.

The MWS Reader doesn’t just read text it includes software that it allows it to recognise text from programs and scanned items etc. It is compatible with documents, emails, web pages and ebooks.

For people that are visually impaired this application is essential and blissfully easy to use, not only does it read text that is on the screen but you can use this application to send audio messages. If you are sending a message to someone with sight problems this could offer a great solution.

The best thing about the MWS Reader is its simplicity. The interface is plain, intuitive and very user friendly, it allows you to choose the voice to speak the text, presents you with a play and record button and also the option to select text to read from the clipboard.

Overall MWS Reader is a basic utility that provides a vital service especially for the visually impaired.

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Type Shareware

Version 5.0

Size 60.15 MB

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