Play your favorite local or online songs with this music player for PC

MyMusicBox is an audio player with which you’ll be able to organize your entire music collection and listen to it whenever you want, whether you store your songs locally or prefer to get them online via streaming.

MyMusicBox for Windows is different to other players. This program stores your music as “tracks” or “songs”. But each of these songs has its own source (or sources) which can be an MP3 file on your computer, a YouTube video, a song on Spotify, etc. That means you can set up playlists with both local and online files, and change from one to the other with a single click.

MyMusicBox includes an excellent search engine to let you find your favorite songs. You can choose your favorite songs, set up playlists and organize your music library any way you want, regardless of where your music comes from.

On the other hand, MyMusicBox integrates with YouTube, so in order to watch videos, you won’t have to leave the player. You can also control playback with global keyboard shortcuts and see suggestions about songs from the same artist or album as the clip you are listening to. Besides, with this program you’ll be able to automatically find and integrate the songs’ lyrics, showing them in a panel left of the player.

In summary, this application offers all the tools you need to enjoy your favorite music, regardless of its source. What are you waiting for to download MyMusicBox for free?

• Multiple sources for each song
• Can be expanded with add-ons
• Automatically finds the lyrics and the video
• Easy to use

• Still in beta version
• Can be unstable

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Type Freeware

Version 0.5 beta

Size 1.18 MB

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0.5 beta