Create eBooks with Natata eBook Compiler and share them online


  • Create libros on your computer.
  • Compile all kinds of data.
  • The books are self-executing.


  • The EXE file is practical, but large.

Natata eBook Compiler lets you create professional eBooks and personally sell them online. It’s able to create just a compact, shareable .EXE file, that’s compatible with all Windows operating systems.

Natata eBook Compiler lets users share eBooks in one single, self-contained, compact, executable file that contains HTML pages, JavaScripts, VBScript, text documents, graphics, animated GIF files, photos, sounds, and more. It prevents other users from copying or stealing material by allowing authors to disable the copy and paste function, to name just one of the security tools.

Completely customizable

On top of that, Natata eBook Compiler password protects your books, and disables the context menu and printing function. Basically, you can add or take away functions until your heart’s content, because the final format of the eBook is EXE, meaning that it’s practically a program in and of itself with the added benefit that you won’t need another program to read it.

Natata eBook Compiler gathers together and compresses various files including HTML, CSS, WAV, TXT, GIF, JPG, MID, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, PDF, and more. It has a specific focus adjustment that’s achieved via the process of creating a compiled file. So, if you want to write a novel or make a personalized photo album, you can do so: just sit yourself in front of the computer and make the most of the features this program has to offer.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.1

Size 1.24 MB

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