Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012


Get your adrenaline pumping with Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 for PC

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 is a brilliant racing simulation game for PC developed by Electronic Arts where you can be king of the road.

Firstly, this title takes place in Fairhaven City, an open world loaded with adventure and many new areas to explore and cruise around. You will be challenging other fellow fanatics of illegal street drag racing and many other competitions where you have to beat your rivals in very challenging tracks. This city has perfect straights and corners made for the thrilling races and also to destroy your gorgeous sports car. Fairhaven City was heavily inspired by Pittsburgh and Boston and consists of nine different regions as well as tons of different roads to race on.

Apart from NFS Underground, in Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012 the races take place during daytime, changing gameplay completely and you´ll have a very stimulating visual experience in the best quality graphics possible. On the other hand, maneuverability has been improved so you can gun at corners without easily losing control. Also, as always, the soundtrack is impressive and will keep the adrenaline pumping in your veins.

Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 has the best hot pursuits like you´ve never seen before, and escaping the police can be plenty of fun. In addition, you can take part in different challenges by building your career and unlock or win new cars. It has an attractive user interface to easily modify your roadster. Thus, you can change the paint, wheels, etc. making this a wonderful tuning game. Lastly, you should know that this game is deviance at its best and not for those who feel the need to play a structured game. It is made for those who want free range of the game world and don’t like to have many rules.

Download Need for Speed Most Wanted 2 free for PC and feel the adrenaline rush again.

• Tons of roads and regions to explore
• Amazing graphics
• Great soundtrack
• Unlock or win new cars by beating challenges
• Attractive user interface

• Not a very structured game
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