Need for Speed Most Wanted


Need for Speed Most Wanted


  • New challenge system
  • High level of detail


  • Some cars are only available after finishing the game

Need for Speed Most Wanted is a car racing videogame in which you will have to overcome different trials and races while you escape from the police. Gather money and improve the parts of your car to create your own customized design.

This time, the developers of the Need for Speed saga have changed the regular plot of competitions, introducing the concept of illegal races, that is, at high speed on the streets. You will be in a new city full of challenges and objectives, where each region has a leader that will permanently provoke you.

To advance in Need for Speed Most Wanted you will need to overcome all the trials in a region and confront the Black List regional leader. Besides, every committed infringement will increase the importance that the capture of your car has for the law; therefore, you will also have to escape from the police vehicles that try to stop you. You can see how probably will be the police presence before you start the race.

Become the king of the race tracks before Rockport PD takes your car away.

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Type Demo

Version 1.0

Size 2 B

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