Neverwinter Nights Patch


Neverwinter Nights Patch

Neverwinter Nights Patch is the latest update for the incredible third-person role-playing game based on the rules of the classic Dungeons and Dragons.

Neverwinter Nights Patch is an action game that places you in the city of Neverwinter, where you’ll have to confront the darkest secrets. These discoveries will help you figure out the reason why dark creatures attacked your village.

When the game starts, you’ll have to create your character, design it with the features and the race you prefer and consider optimal to complete your missions. Then you’ll be able to choose between two types of classes on which your benefits, abilities and gifts will depend.

If you prefer a “normal class”, you have five possibilities:
• Barbarian: characterized by brute force and the use of heavy weapons;
• Bard: uses songs to cause different effects;
• Mage: a magician with the capacity of remembering his spells;
• Monk: specialized in fighting without weapons;
• Rogue: a thief with the ability to disappear without anybody noticing.

If, on the other hand, you want more spectacular superpowers, you can decide for one of the possibilities in the “prestige classes”:

• Arcane archer: has magic abilities and is an expert in the use of long-ranged weapons;
• Assassin: attacks enemies quickly without them noticing his presence;
• Red Dragon Disciple: has special powers, such as dragon breath and scales;
• Changer: has the ability to transform into other, more powerful, characters.

Besides, you’ll be able to choose between the single-player and the multiplayer mode (the strong point in Neverwinter Nights). In these latter options, users are in charge of designing the modules to participate and create new sceneries with the Aurora Toolset function.

The original game presents an exceptional 3D graphics quality, as well as an incredible soundtrack that will let you have an almost real experience. When you download Neverwinter Nights Patch you’ll get all the improvements carried out since the original title was launched, so you’ll have no problem when confronting your enemies. The most important modifications include:
• New prestige classes
• Renewed tile sets
• Changes in the music and ambient sounds
• Over 100 new creatures
• Graphics problems were solved
• Inclusion of the portable campaign object
• Camera improvements, resulting in greater fluidity in movements

Finally, remember that to enjoy the Neverwinter Nights Patch improvements, you need to have the complete original game installed.
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Type Freeware

Version 1.69

Size 312.79 MB

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