Develop the career of a soccer player, play matches, train, socialize and more in this great app


  • Exciting match gameplay
  • Dribble, pass, head and shoot with your touchscreen
  • Manage your energy, skills, happiness and lifestyle stats
  • Succeed at local or national level with your club
  • Intuitive controls
  • Comprehensive match statistics and after match reports


  • In-game advertisements can be disruptive

New Star Soccer is a free virtual soccer game for Android, developed by Thumbstar Games. Develop and progress your professional soccer career in this highly realistic soccer experience. The game is available to download in its full version, completely for free. 

A New Way to Play

Soccer simulators, or indeed sports simulators of any kind, have become quite popular in recent decades. Developers are always trying to reproduce the pulsating action they view on their TV screens or in stadiums every weekend through the creation of realistic physics, fast pace and a diverse set of options for in-game skills and motion. New Star Soccer is a nice app for Android that aims to add to this. Like its counterpart, New Star Tennis, the game is focused not on the flashy action of the sport but on the process involved in building up one's career

When you first access the game and select 'Play', a kicking tutorial will be offered, teaching you about basic controls and the main objective of the game. From here you can set up a 'Career' file and a profile for your player (Name, Gender, League, Nationality) and you're all set. The idea of the game is to gradually advance the career of a young football player through rigorous training, playing matches and competing. At first, you will undergo various trials to test your skills. Skills in the game are numerical statistics determining how well you perform in certain situations. They include Technique, Pace and Vision. Once you are contracted to a club, you can improve your Star Rating to get the attention of bigger clubs. 

Balancing Your Life

As a facsimile of the real life of a sportsperson, New Star Soccer expects you to manage all aspects of this young player's life. From the main screen you will see several important things: Energy, Skills, Happiness and Lifestyle. These are variables that will change depending on the activities you do. While exercising will increase your overall happiness, it will decrease your energy level. While you are engaged in leisure activities, your skill levels will drop. In order to keep a healthy balance, a player has to keep an eye on everything, requiring a good deal of micromanagement. It also makes your decisions feel like they matter. As you play matches, you'll earn some star bucks which can be used to purchase helpful items like energy drinks to increase your energy and skill levels. There are some options here which required microtransactions, too, though these are entirely optional. 

The Thrill of Matches

To play a match, you will switch between a play-by-play version of the match in list form and some passing, dribbling and set pieces. This makes matches far more dynamic and interesting. Controls for the game are limited to touching and sliding your finger towards the ball's destination. This allows you to pass, dribble, shoot and curl the ball. You can also increase the 'Work Rate' and 'Focus' of your players to push for the win, while keeping an eye on your energy levels. At the start of your career, there are few items to restore your stamina apart from 'rest days' between matches. After every game, you'll be given a match rating as well as a Star Rating based on your performance. The game even has press releases and news stories on the success of your player, a very nice feature. As you progress through matches, you'll be able to keep an eye on the league table and fixtures from the main menu. Match statistics are also a great way to see how your player is performing (appearances, goals, assists, passes, etc.). 

When you're not playing matches, you and your team mates will be enjoying their leisure time. This includes shopping, going to the casino, playing darts and many other fun activities. These are used to increase the 'Happiness' level of your players. The game balances all of these activities quite well which makes the gameplay all the more diverse. Because of how differently each season will turn out, it also gives excellent replay value to the game. 

The Verdict

New Star Soccer is a well polished soccer simulator. It allows you to manage every aspect of a player's life from their in-match performance to their training and social life. Keeping your player's statistics at optimal levels becomes a fun and rewarding exercise and reflects the nature of a balanced life. Matches are fast-paced and exciting, offering plenty of opportunities to showcase your talent. Although in-game advertisements after matches can be disruptive, they can be turned off if necessary. All in all it's a very well made soccer simulator which cleverly integrates all aspects of a soccer player's life. Download it now for free and start your career. 

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Type Freeware

Version 2.40

Size 47.92 MB

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