New Star Tennis


Train, compete and balance your lifestyle in this amazing 3D tennis game


  • Realistic tennis gameplay and physics
  • Easy to use interface
  • Manage your player's schedule and balance their lifestyle
  • Keep happiness, energy, lifestyle and skills at optimal levels through a combination of different activities
  • Earn money to spend on better training facilities
  • New updates improve match balancing and difficulty


  • Some physics are not that accurate
  • Poor lighting and graphical effects for tennis courts, shadowing, lighting

New Star Tennis is a free tennis game available for PC, developed by New Star Games, which lets you combine fun and addictive tennis gameplay with the true lifestyle of a tennis player by tracking their career from 16 years of age to full maturity. The game is available here only as a demo version. The full version of the game can be downloaded elsewhere. 

Getting Started

New Star Tennis is novel in its approach to sports games in that it does not only prioritize gameplay. The main objective, it states, is to compete in the NST World Tour and ultimately become the number one tennis player in the world, which will involve not only the tennis-playing side, but personal aspects, as well. This immediately gets a player interested as it takes a more realistic approach based on the player himself/ herself and not only their skill level on the court.

Before you begin, you must create a user profile. Entering user data consists of your full name, date of birth, nationality, skin color, hair and height, letting you create a tennis player of your liking according to a small group of variables. For security reasons, I would recommend falsifying all personal information. Once you have created your save file, you're ready to go. 

Maintaining Your Life

The Home Screen contains a simple, blue-colored interface for organizing and managing your virtual tennis player's lifestyle. Displayed is your current money, a player profile, a news feed, and a planner. The player profile contains information on the player's current age, world ranking, and four percentages for Energy, Skills, Lifestyle and Happiness.

To ensure that your tennis player stays as focused as possible, you must maintain a balanced lifestyle. This means devoting time in your planner to all available activities such as training, rest, shopping, casinos, racing, karting and darts

In your planner, each week has three slots within it for activities. Clicking an activity will place it in the next available slot. To ensure that your tennis player stays as focused as possible, you must maintain a balanced lifestyle. This means devoting time in your planner to all available activities such as training, rest, shopping, casinos, racing, karting and darts. Doing so will ensure that your percentages for energy, skills, lifestyle and happiness all remain at optimal levels. Neglecting any one of them will have a detrimental effect on the others. Each of these activities will have a predetermined value attached to each of the four percentage values. Training, for instance, may decrease energy significantly but will increase lifestyle and happiness. Darts will not decrease energy by as much, and so on.


This is where you should devote at least one slot per week of your time if you want to succeed. The training menu will allow you to improve your tennis player according to seven criteria: Serve, Forehand, Backhand, Volley, Spin, Speed, and Stamina. Each of these are rated using star values.

Entering a training session will display the game's 3D graphics. Unfortunately, they're nothing too fancy. Colors and textures are not all that sophisticated, and there are no real shadows to speak of. Lighting is also not the best. Nevertheless, when you begin you will be provided with instructions specific to the skill you're trying to improve. The tennis racket can be controlled using a click-and-release method, while simultaneously moving your mouse to where you wish the ball to land. Once an objective has been completed, you will be returned to the main screen to select another activity. Completing a range of these will gradually improve your star values and decrease your energy percentage. 

Earning more money through week long tournaments will allow you to purchase more sophisticated equipment such as skipping ropes, weights, an exercise bike and many more useful items. It is recommended that you do not schedule tournaments too soon, as although you will get a lot of experience, consecutive losses will not only use up more energy during a match, but will also decrease your happiness level significantly. 

Tournament Play

Tournament play will make up the most significant portion of your gameplay and will allow you to increase your ranking. You can play in a variety of locations, depending on where you are from. Once one shows up in your schedule, clicking the arrow button will let you progress to the tournament.

In terms of its gameplay style, it resembles many other tennis games. You will play against a single opponent in a single set. The angle of play is as it would be in a real tennis match and provides the best view of the action. The physics of the game are also well replicated. When a ball is struck, its trajectory will be based on your mouse's inputs. It the opposing player's job to move their player to the appropriate position while preparing their next shot. Balls are a little floaty to be tennis balls, but for the purposes of remaining fun we don't want the equivalent of 130 mph balls flying across the screen. 

When you have played enough tournaments, this will affect your energy, happiness and other variables, thereby starting the cycle of activities all over again. The idea is to persevere until you have succeeded in becoming the number one ranked player. The issue is that for me there isn't a huge motivation to do it. Everything is displayed statistically and gameplay never really becomes any harder at tournaments. Even if an opponent's stats are way above my own, I can still beat them rather easily. This is certainly a negative point. The latest version of the game seeks to fix these issues with more balanced matches. 

The Verdict

New Star Tennis is a great tennis simulator in which you take on the role of a young tennis player working his way up the ranks to become number one in the world. Help them train in the gym, socialize and engage in recreational activities including shopping, darts and casinos and balance their lifestyle. Keep percentages up for happiness, energy, lifestyle and skills until you have found the perfect balance. Then, when you're prepared, experience high-energy, competitive tennis gameplay with realistic physics in the amazing tournament setting on offer. The only downside worth noting is that graphics for tennis gameplay are not that impressive. Colors and textures are weak, lighting and shadowing are virtually non-existent. In addition, some aspects of the physics are off, such as the floaty feeling of the tennis balls. All in all, however, the game is a solid facsimile for tennis and a must have for tennis fans. 

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