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  • Access to books, magazines and news from India and around the world
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  • Setting alerts for important news via SMS or WhatsApp
  • Coverage for more than 600 towns and districts of India
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Probably never in the history of humanity read as much as in this age of virtual hyperconnection. And this has everything to do with the incredible proliferation of mobile devices worldwide. As this may figure significantly for countries like India. Recognized as the largest democracy around the globe, Hindus can access an impressive range of options to read from your iPhone or iPad by downloading NewsHunt.

NewsHunt is an excellent app that is meant for all those who want to access content from magazines, newspapers or e-books can do so quickly and safely. Thanks to its powerful integrated system can be selected more than 12 different languages, and be aware of everything that happens in 600 towns and districts across India.

Even, as if all this were not enough to download NewsHunt, to throw it to run it is possible to determine the system alerts via SMS or WhatsApp that are very useful to keep informed on key local, national or international events. Now if the reader is interested in access to the wide range of ebooks, you can simply choose the ones that are to your liking and tighten download. That is all. A highly recommended app.

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