Nineteen64 (1964)


Nineteen64 (1964)

Video game enthusiasts, have you ever wished you could play vintage games like Mario Bros., MK III Ultimate and Pokemon right on the desktop of your computer? Now you can. Nineteen64 (1964) is an application that emulates the Nintendo 64 game system and allows its games to be played on a pc. Install the software and in minutes, you can experience the excitement of all of Nintendo’s classics just like you remember them. All of your favorite discs will play from the CD-rom through this application. Also, plug-ins are available that will expand this program’s capabilities even further. Nineteen64 (1964) is a totally free download for Microsoft Windows 98 and 2000 operating systems. It is a must have for every serious gamer’s repertoire. Let the games begin!
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Type Freeware

Version 1964-2002-0922

Size 311 B

Other versions

1964-2002-0922 1.1 0.8.5