Nitro Racers


Make your racing experience more dynamic with nitro fuel boosts in this clever entry in the racing genre


  • 10 races to complete in Competition Mode
  • Purchase new cars with points you have earned
  • Perfect the use of your nitro boost to speed ahead of opponents
  • Excellent graphics for environments and cars, colors and textures
  • Clever AI and driving mechanics


  • Soundtrack is dull and repetitive

Nitro Racers is an exciting free car racing game for PC in which you race against other cars like never before using your nitro fuel to ignite your racing experience and propel yourself to victory and ultimate glory. The game is available as a demo version on this site and can be played for a limited time. The full version can be obtained elsewhere. 

An Ordinary Racer with a Twist

The need to augment the racing genre has always been prevalent. Some games opt for total realism, like Gran Turismo, while others try to add quirky features such as power-ups, increased speed, and other variables to one's racing environment. For many gamers, it becomes a matter of balancing original game mechanics for classic racing gameplay. Nitro Racers is such an example, transforming the variable of speed using "nitro" fuel to make races far more thriliing and exciting to keep that adrenaline pumping, while staying withing the limits of popular racing conventions. 

Visuals, Graphics and Sound

As a racing game, the visuals are definitely above average here. The game has a highly polished graphical layout. Menu graphics, track layouts, colors, textures - all look well defined and clear. Of particular note are the reflective directional barriers located at sharp turns as well as the neon shades of your nitro exhaust. The cars display the same level of graphical quality as their surroundings, with particular focus on textures for the metallic surfaces and shadowing and the sparks that fly when in contact with other vehicles. While not extending beyond natural figures such as trees, graphics for peripheral environments were also well represented. The most impressive feature about the graphics of the game is its motion tracking. Even when travelling at above average speeds, blurring effects are employed so that you can genuinely feel the speed you are travelling at. 

The sound in the game is fairly average, offering nothing outstanding. Background music during competition mode is fairly tame, with some rock guitar riffs attempting to match the tempo of your racing. Driving sounds are fairly realistic, with appropriate sounds for breaking, the vibration of the engine and frequency shifts when accelerating or decelerating. Restoring your Nitro also has a unique whooshing sound. Rough terrain such as earth and grass also provides an intermittent hissing sound. 


Once you have loaded the game and selecting New Game, you will be presented with several modes such as Competition, Quick Race, and Time Attack mode. There are no multiplayer options in this game, which for a racing game is surprising. Competition allows you to race against other drivers according to a set of objectives, and can be considered the "main" mode. When you first play this mode, you will notice that you can only select one vehicle. However, as you participate in more competitions, you will earn points which can be used to purchase new cars. If you want to practice on a particular course for a new car, you can use the Quick Race mode. Time Attack mode allows you to test your efficiency and speed at completing a track. 

When you begin a race, you can get used to the game's controls. The game has basic controls for accelerating, steering and breaking as with most racing games. By using left click and alt, the game's most unique feature comes into play: the nitro booster. On the bottom left of your screen, in addition to standard racer UI features such as lap times, position, speed, etc. you will see your Nitro meter.

While courses are generally easy to navigate when travelling at slower speeds, when boosting with Nitro you will often find your vehicle more difficult to control and be thrown against a wall, effectively killing your acceleration

In Nitro Racers, Nitro is used to provide a temporary speed boost during a race whenever you activate it. This makes races incredibly dynamic, allowing you to strategically boost your speed to gain the edge. A degree of skill is required here, as well. While courses are generally easy to navigate when travelling at slower speeds, when boosting with Nitro you will often find your vehicle more difficult to control and be thrown against a wall, effectively killing your acceleration. A poorly timed Nitro boost will thus leave you in a worse position than before you used it. Timing your boosts will ensure that you get the best out of your boosts when you choose to use them. Running out of Nitro too soon is also not favorable. Blue panels on the race track will allow you to restore your Nitro. Full restoration is almost instant, requiring only a second or so of exposure.

When racing against multiple opponents, your speed will often carry you into another car, but since racing gameplay is emphasized above all else, no damage physics apart from the occasional spark will be visible. Since this is not Burnout, however, it's hardly a setback for the game. Races progress similarly to other games, with no other outstanding features.

The Verdict

Nitro Racers is a fun diversion for any fans of the racing genre. Its variety of tracks and cars, as well as the motivation to unlock new ones, will appease completionists. Clever AI and driving mechanics make the game challenging enough to warrant replay value. The nitro feature adds an interesting dynamic to races, similar to F-Zero's boost system, by letting you strategize about when to boost your speed and get the edge in difficult races. The game also has strong graphics to go with its fast-paced gameplay, making it the complete package in many ways. While the soundtrack is a bit lacking, all in all, it's a great game and well worth downloading. 

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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

Size 2.25 MB

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