Nokia PC Suite


Manage your Nokia with a program tailored to Nokia devices


  • Makes backup copies easily.
  • Send an SMS from your computer.
  • Automatic conversion when transferring files.


  • Sometimes the transfer speed is quite slow.

Nokia PC Suite is a program that lets you connect Nokia mobiles to your computer. With this tool you can transfer files, synchronize components, edit contacts and much more.

Your Nokia in Windows

It’s common knowledge that what’s key for Nokia at the moment is an ongoing strategic partnership with Microsoft, with the aim that Nokia mobiles carry Windows Phone software. Having said that, this program was released before that deal was made, but as if it knew what was coming Nokia PC Suite allows you to exploit the benefits of a PC.

So, Nokia PC Suite can be used to send SMS messages from the computer. This is possible via the mobile connection, using the interface of the software which makes generating an SMS simpler and more convenient. At the same time, Nokia PC Suite is able to make backup copies of SMS messages, contacts, and diary, in a way that ensures your data remains protected in the event that the device stops working. It’s also possible to connect to the Nokia application centre to update the firmware of the device, as well as download apps as you might expect.

Backups and multimedia

This program connects to the PC via cable, Bluetooth, or infrared connection (unfortunately, it doesn’t support WiFi). Through these channels it’s possible to make backup copies of mobile content and load files on Nokia devices.

Nokia PC Suite has the option of automatically converting the files that you copy to your mobile. So, if you want to add songs or videos, the program converts them instantly, so that they take up less space and make the most of the resources the PC has at its disposal.

Nokia PC Suite is free, simple, and essential for any owner of a Nokia phone.

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