Noom Walk: Pedometer


An excellent application that will count your footsteps without using much battery


  • Counts footsteps daily
  • Uses less than 2% battery
  • Connect and share results with friends on Facebook and through email
  • High-five friends for their achievements


  • Nothing noteworthy

Noom Walk: Pedometer is a fantastic application that you can use to count your steps daily.

The application is a modernistic, and friendly way to record how many times you move your feet day in day out. You can connect to friends using it as well through Facebook and send them high-fives for encouragement. Moreover if you don’t have an account on Facebook you can also connect to friends by adding them by email.

Noom Walk: Pedometer is effective and simple, and can be used in conjunction with Noom Weight Loss Coach counting your steps once and sharing the same data.

The great thing about this application is that unlike other similar ones, it preserves your battery because it doesn’t use GPS.  It uses less than 2% of resources, so that you can keep it active all day and not worry about having no battery when you need it. This guarantees that Noom Walk: Pedometer can count your every single step.

You’re probably wondering how the application could possibly count your steps without using GPS. Well, Noom Walk: Pedometer relies on drain sensors and smart algorithms that pick up your movement in the background.

Noom Walk: Pedometer is a great way to motivate yourself to get fit, as you try continuously to not only beat your friend’s counts but your own. You should definitely download it if you want to get into shape.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0.14

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