Nostale is a beautiful MMORPG where you must play the role of a warrior facing powerful monsters

Nostale is a beautiful MMORPG where you must play the role of a warrior facing powerful monsters and other players, and make a name for yourself in this fantasy world. Nostale may have the same structure as other RPGs, but has the advantage of being very popular and it has extraordinary graphics with aesthetics of anime (Japanese animation).

Nostale has only 3 major classes of characters, which are unlocked when you reach Level 15: Archer, Swordsman and Magician. So, the chosen specialization in Nostale will enable you certain features from each class. I.E: an Archer can become Murderer or Demon Hunter, a swordsman in Ninja, Monk or Rogue, a magician in Volcano, Master of Tides or Archmage. There are 8 different specializations for each class in Nostale.

Nostale also gives you some aid beyond changes in clothing and equipment, in order to better face your enemies. The first one is a pet system where you can take a wild creature: train it and teach it some skills to give you certain advantages in battle. Nostale also lets you meet sparring partners controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence. Vikings, gladiators and even tigers, which will become your friends and they will stay with you willingly (they can be trained as well).

Nostale is divided into 5 different acts, each of which comprises different quests and scenarios. Nostale also gives you a little personal space called "Miniland" where you can build your home to recover from battles and long assignments.

There's something curious about Nostale: like all multiplayer title, Nostale has some social items. Socialization leads us to meet people and it usually ends in friendship. But if you like someone a lot, quite much, Nostale offers the chance that two people joined in marriage. Yes, this is how you read it. This includes guests, party and cake. Say Nostale not only gives you great adventures, but even is able to give a special touch to your life. Nostale is the game you were looking for.

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Type Freeware

Version 1.0

Size 19.3 MB

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