Not a Hero


Meet the hilarious backroom of a fictional (let’s hope) election campaign with Not a Hero


  • Sarcasm and action, tons of them
  • Original action game
  • Retro style visual theme


  • Should be rated +16 for animated violence scenes

Ballot boxes for Major will open in a matter of weeks and we must help Bunny Lord to win this election so he becomes the major and finishes with the crime… at gunpoint. This is the story of Not a Hero.

Our role

Not a Hero puts us as an “executive” assistant to mister Bunny’s campaign. Quite simple, right? We must deal with the enemy at no cost… this means we have to “take action” against crime organizations, saboteurs and anyone who opposes to Bunny Lord. When diplomacy fails guns will do it.

In order to assist us, Not a Hero provides a diverse arsenal that’s both original and lethal: hand grenades eating squirrels, dynamite loaded pigeons, ruthless helicopters, mafia bosses and other things regularly present in large cities. We must be careful: our enemies will have the same arsenal as we do.

Not a Hero game style is frenetic and exhilarating. It won’t pass a second that we're not busy killing murderers or going through a window. Thousands of shots and explosions, threats that slip everywhere and tons of surprises will become our everyday routine.

Graphic style is the key factor in any game. Not a Hero design is a retro 2D game that pays homage to the original Grand Theft Auto and also delivers a message to the 3D games era: if you have a solid good game, graphics is a mere detail. Not a Hero’s story and gameplay are good enough to be even in 8-bit graphics.

The Verdict

Not a Hero demands from us skills that are standard for campaign executive assistants: run, shoot, dive and cover, but at a devastating rate. We can have unlimited fun with this game as well as high action doses. Bunny Lord Runs for major and his success lie in our hands… and arsenal. Let’s go for it!

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Type Shareware

Version Demo

Size 146.76 MB

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