When it comes to programming, nothing beats the best editing tool out there


  • Free and comprehensive editor.
  • Wide file support.
  • Extensions and plugins available.
  • No usage restrictions.


  • Rudimentary appearance for the average beginner.

Notepad++ is possibly the most comprehensive notepad ever created. With this program you can edit the source code no matter which ‘language’ it was written in, without needing to use any other tool. And if you need any extensions, Notepad++ has a number of very good ones which really beef up the possibilities if this already great program.

Better performance

The main advantages of Notepad++ are its running speed and the ability to customize the tasks carried out. It takes up very few resources compared to other plain text editing utilities, and much less still when we talk about powerful programming platforms.

Additionally, it should be pointed out that Notepad++ wasn’t designed to work with any particular programming code, but supports a massive list made up of more than 50 codes.

Designed in order to create

The name Notepad++ bears similarity to the Windows notepad, and has been developed with C++ programming code which offers better support in the running of tasks and optimization of routines. The interface of the program is therefore very clean as per the Windows equivalent, while organization is easy via the tab system.

Another interesting aspect of Notepad++ is that it has a series of features that will help to write and revise code. For example, it supports macros, has autocomplete, is able to highlight parentheses, braces, brackets, and even the indentation in the document.

There are, of course, many applications on the market, each one with its features and prices. Notepad++, however, is one of the best out there. It has lots of options, and it’s free—what more could you want?

Notepad++ icon

Type Free (GPL)

Version 7.5.8

Size 4.07 MB

Other versions

7.5.8 7.5.7 7.5.6 (32-bit) 7.5.6 (64-bit) 7.5.5 (64-bit)