NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder


Snappy and effective video decoder for NVIDIA cards


  • Speed up video decodification using hardware.
  • Specialist in multichannel audio.
  • Real-time conversion.


  • Only compatible with NVIDIA hardware.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is a plugin and set of codecs for Microsoft’s Windows Media Player and Windows Media Center. Previously known as NVIDIA DVD Decoder, the changes in video cards have lead to significant improvements (hence the name change).

The idea behind NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is to transfer the processing memory of a video from the computer’s CPU (where it usually takes place) to a graphics card. This helps contribute to the faster performance of the computer, given that the workload is distributed more efficiently.

Multichannel video and sound

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder comes with tools such as Audio Dolby Digital Surround Sound and Accelerated Video Hardware for Microsoft DirectX for graphic processors. Using these tools, NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder offers excellent color quality and smooth viewing.

NVIDIA PureVideo Decoder is the first codec to receive “Designed for Media Center Edition” certification, showing that it can offer premium audiovisual quality and excellent performance for Media Center PCs. In short, it’s the perfect software for finding the best possible performance settings for video on your computer, getting the most out of its media capabilities and offering fantastic results with very little strain on the system.

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Type Shareware

Version 1.02-223

Size 21.16 MB

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