An industry standard that won´t let you down: Microsoft Office 2007


  • Is an industry standard
  • Each application is loaded with features
  • Different editions for every type of user


  • New ribbon interface could cause confusion

Do you need to decide which word processor, slideshow software, or spreadsheet software is best for you? Microsoft Office 2007 is the only productivity suite to have become an industry standard, and so is the best choice out of all the competition.

This suite includes the classic four applications: Microsoft Office Word, Excel, Outlook, and Powerpoint. Any other applications included depend on which type of suite you want: home, standard, professional, student, or small business. This latest version includes improvements to all the four standard applications. The most notable of those changes would have to be the “ribbon” which brings all the tools used most often to the front where they can be easily found.

All in all, Office 2007 boasts a set of four basic applications that will help you manage anything. From writing a paper to emailing a client, or creating a spreadsheet of monthly expenses to putting together a slideshow for the next family reunion, this suite has you covered. Download a free trial of Microsoft Office 2007 here and start being more productive!

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Type Shareware

Version 11.0.6502

Size 16 B

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