OmniGraffle: custom-made mockups, diagrams and explanations


  • It allows you to create diagrams in a flexible environment.
  • Totally visual (WYSIWYG).
  • A huge gallery of resources.


  • Results are high quality, but they don’t serve ‘for everything’.

When you got an idea, the best you can do is to write it to not lose it. OnmiGraffle is special for that, because it is a tool with which you can make flow charts, conceptual maps and event mockups for your ideas.

OmniGraffle is basically a visual design tool that follows the precepts of ‘WYSIWIG’ (What You See Is What You Get), so it results very easy to create what you are interested for. For that, OmniGraffle has a series of elements (canvas, models, patterns, etc.) which you can combine the way you want to shape your idea. Even is compatible with Apple Pencil, so it is possible to draw freehand and OmniGraffle defines automatically the forms.

OmniGraffle allows you to export the results to JPG, BMP, PDF, HTML, Visio, Photoshop and more. It means that works to save it and continue working, to present it to others or even to send it to nonstop production.

A disputed point of OmniGraffle is about its results. We don’t question that they are of an excellent quality, but to be as useful as developers say they are. For OmniGraffle’s team, its use is so wide that it’s perfect for presentations, artistic projects and more. Although they could be, that vision of the own product results a little bit forced. But don’t misunderstand: OmniGraffle is perfect, only that is not as wide and useful as developers think it is. Beyond this point, which can be subjective, OmniGraffle is a tool really useful for those who need to make diagrams of their ideas, to create mockups and to explain procedures in a simple way and in the shortest time possible.

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Type Shareware

Version 7.0.3

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