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On A Roll 3D

On A Roll 3D is a PC platform game in which you’ll control a color ball while rolling through 24 different levels, solving puzzles and avoiding obstacles.

On A Roll 3D for windows combines the mechanics of traditional 2D platform games with 3D elements that add a new perspective to the game. Even though most of the time your objective will be to get from one side of the screen to the other, sometimes the platforms cross one another, letting you discover new ways.

You’ll confront the typical dangers of platform games, such as dynamite, mined areas, springs, switches, spikes, laser weapons, ice, water, lava, fire and saws, among other things. Even though you’ll encounter ramps, turns and laps in which you’ll gain speed, you’ll also have to solve small puzzles to overcome obstacles and access other places in order to advance.

You’ll have to complete a total of 24 levels, divided into six different themes, from a peaceful garden to an industrial plant. Each level has three different areas in which you’ll try to overcome obstacles and enemies, as well as a final battle with one of the game’s bosses.

The On A Roll 3D graphics are nice and colorful, with striking designs in all the levels. Some Sonic fans will notice certain similarities with the classic Sega game, both in gameplay and in some designs. However, On A Roll 3D places much more emphasis on puzzles, and not so much on speed.

After downloading On A Roll 3D for free, you’ll enjoy a fun and addictive 3D platform game that reminds a bit of the classics, but also includes new elements.

• Striking and colorful designs
• 3D perspective
• Challenging puzzles
• Large number of levels

• The camera can be annoying
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