OneDrive, gain space by saving your files in the cloud and access them whenever


  • Practical online storage system.
  • Free and functional version.
  • Good upgrade plan options.
  • Compatibility with Office documents.


  • Doesn’t offer as much flexibility as other programs.

OneDrive is a practical Microsoft platform that lets the users save data in the cloud and then share them with other people, independently of where they are what computer they’re using. Beyond just sharing, it’s also a practical way of synchronizing files across different devices.

Office’s best pal

OneDrive doesn’t just let you store and carry out work on office suite files that are held in the cloud network, but also lets you generate and edit files in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote 100% online without needing to install any software on the PC. Afterwards, you can share the files with anyone you want.

With OneDrive you can also create work groups and assign each member of the group additional space on the network to save files. In this way, it’s possible to upload files from school or the office and manage them in a shared space. 

Long distance does work

With OneDrive you can keep in contact with people from around the world, without worrying about where they are. For instance, if you’re in the office editing a file and you need someone to lend a hand formatting it, you can leave a comment for your friend who’s on vacation in Australia. Even if she’s in middle of the Gibson desert with a satellite internet connection she can help contribute to the document without a problem (although why she’d want to when she’s on vacation is another question altogether).

A great piece of free software, you can also opt to pay for the full versions (if you need an extra benefits). Microsoft has made it very simple, because OneDrive has everything you need, wherever you are.

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Type Freeware

Version 18.131.0701.0007

Size 25.23 MB

Other versions

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