The Microsoft app for Cloud Storage


  • Back-up files and sync documents
  • Collaborate and share with contacts and the world
  • 7GB of space


  • Nothing noteworthy

OneDrive is the 'cloud' of Microsoft. Now you can get it for your desktop or laptop, and use it to store all of your data.

Formerly known as SkyDrive, you can upload all kinds of files like images, videos, documents, music, and pretty much anything you need to save to its servers from your desktop computer or laptop, for viewing later on the move. Likewise, if you're on the move you can also do such backwards, uploading things from your mobile device for viewing in a larger sense when you get home.

OneDrive lets you synchronize information between an array of different computers and devices with only one condition, they have it installed. What this does is taken the burden off your shoulders in that you no longer need to worry about manually transferring data by way of usb or external harddrives. Instead, you can be sure that the data you need to access at any given time will always be available to you once you can log into the system.

OneDrive lets you share files with everyone you need to. Share photo albums with family and friends from that trip you took that time, passing permission to whoever you share with to download files from the drive and even add to data by uploading data themselves. Likewise you can share data with colleagues and team-mates and work in collaboration. Different to SkyDrive, OneDrive lets you share documents between you and another, enable editing, and see them work in real-time.

The application even allows you to share files publicly via links on your personal blog for example. This means that anyone has permission to access that data without having to have a Microsoft account.

OneDrive is a great app for the storage, synchronization, and share of lots of data, and for this reason you should download it for PC. Currently, you get 7GB of free space on sign-up.

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