Customize the "Open With" context menu in Windows Explorer with this useful tool

OpenWithEnhanced is a lightweight tool to optimize the Windows Explorer, which basically expands and improves the “Open With…” context menu window.

On the other hand, OpenWithEnhanced for Windows will give you advice about the most adequate programs for each situation and will suggest new applications you can download from the Internet. What’s more, installing and configuring this tool is very simple, since it´s done automatically.

OpenWithEnhanced lets you customize its look, changing colors and the text font and background. Besides, it´s very lightweight, so it won’t use up too much space, nor will it negatively affect your computer’s performance. Since it integrates perfectly with the Windows Explorer, you won’t need to explore strange menus or try to open the program separately.

Don’t wait any longer to download OpenWithEnhanced for free and solve these frustrating compatibility problems when opening files in an unknown format.

• Integration with Windows Explorer
• Suggests programs that are not installed
• Gives information about the applications
• Doesn’t use up a lot of resources
• Gets installed automatically

• Nothing to report

OpenWith Enhanced icon

Type Freeware

Version 1.10a

Size 565.42 kB

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