Opera Mobile


Browse the web in comfort with the stylish Opera Mobile

Opera Mobile is an attractive and excellent web browser for your portable device. Opera Mobile makes browsing on your phone or tablet a much more pleasurable experience.

One thing that stands out when you are using Opera Mobile is that it is exceptionally clear and undoubtedly stylish. I love the classy red and black theme, it looks incredibly well on your mobile device. Zooming in and out with this application is very easy and the resolution is retained so that it looks flawless.

The tabbed interface of the software allows you to flick through web pages as if you were using your typical desktop browser. Opera Mobile also includes a very convenient Google search bar.

This mobile browser is intent on making your life easier and with the inclusion of an auto-complete feature along with a password manager and bookmark option it does exactly that.

So Opera Mobile looks great and has a range of awesome features but is it fast? This version of Opera Mobile contains a new element called Opera Turbo. This is a technology that enables the browser to churn up pages with greater speed. This said however it does not appear to be as quick a browser as the likes of Google Chrome Portable There were a couple of occasions when I found the length of time it took pages to load to be a nuisance.

Opera Mobile may not be the fastest mobile browser I have ever used but it is definitely the most handsome!


• Stylish interface
• Easy to navigate


• Not the fastest mobile browser
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Type Freeware

Version 22.0.1485.78487

Other versions

22.0.1485.78487 16.0.1212.64462