Experience feature-rich web browsing with Opera Next for PC

Opera Next is a standalone web browser that is full of features and is extremely innovative as well.

This web browser lets you test out the alpha and beta version of Opera. It is set up to automatically update, but this feature can be easily deactivated. It is quite excellent for users who want to help with the testing process.

The reason that Opera Next is so fast, is that it is based on the same code that was used to develop the web browser giant Google Chrome. This means that it also uses the Webkit rendering engine that loads and displays pages almost instantly. Even if your connection is slow, you can use compression mode to compress web pages. This allows you to view pages regardless of your connection circumstances.

Opera Next is great because even if you already have other Opera standard releases installed on your PC, it won’t interfere with them. The grey logo used for it makes it even easier to distinguish from the standard releases. The interface has been completely revamped to be more pleasing to the eye and simpler to use. The icons are all new and the toolbar distribution is much better. The Quick Access feature lets you add pages to your homepage to access them easier.

Download Opera Next free for PC and experience a new and innovative web browser!

• Constantly updates itself
• Webkit rendering engine loads pages instantly
• Compression mode for page viewing regardless of slow connection
• Does not interfere with Opera standard releases
• Improved interface that is easy to use
• Quick Access lets you get to favorite pages quickly

• May have some instability issues
Opera Next icon

Type Freeware

Version 15.0.1147.100

Size 29.59 MB

Other versions

15.0.1147.100 15.0.1147.24 12.00 1047