Opera's latest browser is faster, safer and packed with even more great features


  • Multi-platform compatibility (Mac, tablet, etc.)
  • Packed with features including mouse gestures, voice commands and more
  • Competitive launch and page load times
  • Speed dial to access pages more quickly
  • Enhanced security features, including private browsing and site scanner
  • Dozens of add-ons and themes to customize your browser
  • Sync all of your bookmarks between Opera-compatible devices (PC, Android, iOS)


  • Some compatibility issues with websites
  • No parental controls

Opera 28 is the latest version of the free web browser for Mac, developed by Opera. Browse the web quickly and efficiently with this highly streamlined internet browse. The program is available in its full version, completely free. Download now and see the power of Opera for yourself. 

The Browser That Sings

Whether it's Microsoft, Google or independent companies, everyone is attempting to create the perfect browser, despite being such a subjective exercise. A browser is more than just a means of browsing the web, it's a tool which lets you organize and manage your browsing experience in the most optimal way. This is why the process of creating the perfect browser for the average internet user is such a daunting task. Despite this, Opera manages to stand toe-to-toe with the best browsers out there, including Google Chrome, by offering a some unique features and impressive browsing speeds. 

Performance, Features and Security

For internet users, speed is everything. Opera delivers. In multiple tests, Opera's average loading time for web pages was less than 2 seconds, a highly impressive figure, and is comparable to the likes of Firefox and Google Chrome. Overall browsing speed was just as impressive, and the browser itself is easy to navigate. Its speed dial feature will let you access to recent websites quickly and easily. Even if you are accessing a high traffic site, loading times tend not to noticeably suffer. Its user interface has a lot of familiar features and some which will take some time to learn, but it's all pretty intuitive so it won't take much time to figure out. 

In terms of features, Opera has plenty to offer. First, it is highly compatible and will run on any type of device. From the main interface, we can see the standard tabbed browsing feature, a trend begun by Opera. Added to this is an integrated search bar, mail client, easy bookmarking options and the ability to stack groups of related tabs together. In its latest version, Opera provides the option to sync all of your bookmarks between Opera-compatible devices including Opera Mobile (Android), Opera Mini (Android, iOS) and the PC version. This is a feature which Firefox and Chrome have been using for a while, so it's certainly nice to see.

Opera will remember what you had open last, similar to Google Chrome. Your keyboard can also be used to control virtually every aspect of your browsing, from entering addresses to reading text. Mouse gestures will allow you to open and close tabs and perform a range of other commands with a flick of your mouse. For many, this greatly speeds up their browsing and makes common functions a lot easier to access. Although you will be able to access the majority of websites with Opera, the browser may not be able to access newer sites that aren't programmed to allow access from Opera. 

If you want to customize your browsing experience, there are also various themes you can choose from. These are purely cosmetic and will not affect the speed at which your browser operates. Opera also has a generous selection of add-on programs including translators, security services, streaming support and much more. Opera will also let you open your downloads, history and other menus in a dedicated window, allowing you to better examine them. 

Given the importance of browser security, Opera has an decent set of security features. Similar to Chrome or Firefox, it will allow both public and private browsing, the latter allowing you to browse without tracking your browsing history for any pages you visit. Through the browser's settings you can manage pop-ups, clear browsing data and more. A padlock on a URL indicates that you are protected from any malware, spyware or phishing programs that could potentially come through that site. Unfortunately, the browser does not give us the option to edit these settings specifically, but its classification of these programs is quite accurate and detailed. 

The Verdict

Opera is pretty impressive: Its competitive speeds, intuitive interface and range of unique features make it more than suitable for most internet users. Bookmark syncing and other such features are a great step for the browser, placing it in line with its rivals in that regard. It also has a highly effective security system that protects you from dangerous web pages and programs. If you are a looking for a highly effective and reliable browser for your Mac, look no further. Opera is packed with features and is fast enough to keep up. Download it now and see what it can do for you.

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Type Freeware

Version 42.0.2393.85

Size 910.37 kB

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