Create multimedia applications like flash games, learning materials or database interfaces

Opus Pro is a complete multimedia development tool that will let you create applications in a simple and effective way. With the support of Digital Workshop, the program will present you with a complete development environment to let you create interactive objects, Flash games, online learning materials, menus or database interfaces, among other options.

Undoubtedly, when you download Opus Pro for free you’ll find a very simply utility for the visual design and development of multimedia contents, with which you’ll be able to innovate in software production without any programming skills. Even so, in case you want to innovate in some app that requires using code, you’ll be able to do that as well.

In Opus 8 Professional you’ll use a very convenient work space that will offer you a large variety of painting tools and predesigned templates to help you in your creations. You’ll also have access to numerous forms, brushes and filters, as well as over 1200 transition effects to add to your products and innovate them.

One of Opus Pro’s main benefits is the possibility to create contents for different platforms, since it allows distribution in Flash, EXE files, Android (via Flash and Flashpiper) and Plexus. It also lets you export material for CDs and DVDs. As a result you’ll considerably expand your options to distribute anything you want.

Finally, it should be noted that Opus Pro requires no add-ons or extensions of any type, making it a complete and integrating proposal. It also includes a debugging console that will let you detect errors committed during application development.

If you want to have a program to visually develop your own applications, and do this in a simple and effective way, this is your chance. Don’t hesitate any longer to download Opus Pro 8!

• Provides the possibility to create applications, games and didactic programs
• Very accessible graphic environment
• Very easy to use
• Requires no specific programming knowledge
• Allows distribution in multiple platforms

• Nothing to report

Opus Pro limitations:
• 30-day trial

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Type Shareware

Version 8.0

Size 187.15 MB

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