Origin: the official program by EA for playing its greatest hits


  • Easy access to the best games.
  • Offers and free games to download.
  • Not many technical requirements.


  • Only EA games are compatible.

Do you want to have all EA (Electronic Arts) games available to you all in one place? Look no further than Origin, the official EA program to play all of its greatest hits. You’ll be able to play demos, free games and, of course, buy the best games which sometimes come at discount prices.

Single or multiplayer

With Origin you’ll be able to play where you want, compete against friends, discover new games and interact with the Origin community. You can share your gaming experience with the community and save game data in the cloud to pick up where you left off, and wherever you can get access to the internet.

If you play any EA or EA Sports titles, you need Origin in your life. It’s the only platform in which you can get in contact with members of the same team, or search for rivals who can match your level. Sick of playing against a programmed computer? Why not download Origin and find someone who really gives you a run for your money?

The best titles

One of the main problems with Origin is that, unlike Steam, it’s a program that only supports EA games. There are no independent developers here, or games from other studios, so it’s worth bearing that in mind when you download it.

Even still, Origin’s catalog boats some real classics, such as FIFA, the Battlefield saga, The Sims, Need for Speed and much more. Origin offers hours of fun, and a range of exclusive offers. What's more, you’re given the guarantee that every game works to the best of its potential which it’s great when it comes to playing against other gamers.

Dare to test your mettle? Download Origin today.

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Size 60.38 MB

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