Are you going to plan a route? Better go with OruxMaps: the best ally to organize any route without surprises


  • Complete application to create, plan and record routes
  • View maps and routes online and offline


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It’s always better to rely on a good map app to organize routes. If, in addition, this app was a complete and free application, it would be a great deal. Best of all is that this application it is quite real: OruxMaps, an app worth knowing a little more closely.

The possibilities of creation and planning routes through OruxMaps are the most varied: you only need to activate the GPS for the application to do its job. It provides coverage throughout the Iberian Peninsula, but also for the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. It focuses not only on land routes and includes aeronautical charts, runways and airports.

Its simplicity contrasts with the many features and tools included, through which it is possible to plan in detail each route including restricted areas, areas of high hazard, significant changes in terrain elevation along the route and much more things to better know before being on route.

The OruxMaps online maps viewer allows easily orientation, but this is not one of those applications that can only be used with online connection. In fact, it automatically saves the displayed maps and marked routes; it can even create offline maps and routes, either.

You can register each new route and record up to the smallest detail: it is possible to indicate coordinates, walking speed, traveled distance and even landmarks that are worth visiting during the tour. Considering all the features Oruxmaps offers sidetrack is unusual, but the developers have taken into account this possibility, that’s why the app includes a voice notification service to solve this eventuality.

You could say that Oruxmaps is a must-have app for anyone who regularly travels. That’s quite right. You can share information with the Oruxmaps community; you can also find interesting routes already planned by other members and even some tips about them. Come on, download it before starting the next tour. It is the best thing you can do.

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Type Freeware

Version 5.5.16b

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