Ots CD Scratch


Ots CD Scratch

Ots CD Scratch is a DJ program that will let you mix audio, whether to liven up a party, provide fun for your friends or enjoy it alone.

This application makes it possible to create completely original and high-quality audio files. It also includes important options to change the tempo, include effects and change the playback speed. But the feature that makes this program stand out from others is the possibility of playing back two songs from the same CD, simultaneously.

This powerful audio editor will let you assume the role of a DJ whenever you want. Its interface will seem somewhat complex to you at first, but you’ll just have to explore it a bit to learn how to use it effectively.

• High detail level
• Playback lists
• Multitrack assembly

• Limited format support

Ots CD Scratch limitations:
• Limited time use
• Restricted features
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Type Freeware

Version 1200 1.00.047

Size 1.61 MB

Other versions

1200 1.00.047