Paint.NET: the best tool for editing images


  • Layering system is easy to use.
  • Free, including the more advanced functions.
  • Extensive tools, including filters.


  • It’s still not the best option for professionals.

Paint—recognized as the default image editing program for Windows—has its flaws. Most people wouldn’t think of it as a program to use for work reasons. These issues go back a long time, and that’s why we now have Paint.NET.

Paint.NET: simple and extensive

The flaws of Paint disappear in Paint.NET, the latest and best version of the popular program, which adds new and interesting features making this version of the software an excellent option for editing images and photos.
Paint.NET is a pure image editor, which doesn’t just allow you to draw, but also includes functions for editing images by adding different effects. The option to colour and paint was one of the most well-known from the original, now now includes tools such as layering, added with professional editors in mind.

Familiar but new

Amongst the new additions includes a layering system in which it’s possible to copy sections of the image in order to modify, decrease, make larger, and so on. Paint.NET is an opportunity to get a free version of an image editor that has the same functions as other, more costly editing software.
The more interesting functions go hand in hand with the more basic ones, such as getting rid of red-eye, sharpening the images, and basic filters, as well as retaining the classic functions such as the ability to insert text, paint, and so on. There’s also a tool to zoom and rotate 3D elements, which maintains a clear perspective when we need to carry out these types of tasks.
Download Paint.NET and get hold of a very easy-to-use and extensive image editor.

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Type Freeware

Version 4.1.1

Size 7.42 MB

Other versions

4.1.1 4.0.20 4.0.19 4.0.18 4.0.17