Paint Shop Pro

Paint Shop Pro is an image editor with which you’ll be able to optimize, modify and apply effects to your digital photographs.

The ideal companion for any photographer

Everybody knows that nowadays taking a snapshot or an image is just half of the photographer’s work. Whether you are a professional or just a fan of this art, Paint Shop Pro includes everything you need to make full use of your images.

For a start, Paint Shop Proshows you all the information about the image you are editing. From the date and place to the camera with which it was taken or the exposure time, you’ll be able to see all this information in a convenient panel.

With Paint Shop Pro you’ll adjust your photograph’s lighting and saturation, and correct color and exposure, among other basic tasks. But that’s not all there is in this application: it will also let you adjust focus and make part of the image stand out with the vignette effect.

On the other hand, Paint Shop Pro will help you get the perfect picture with its tool to combine images and remove objects. You’ll be able to eliminate any type of element precisely and include parts of two or more photographs to achieve the desired result. Although these tools seem more complicated to use, this editor will make the process as easy as possible, smoothing borders and adjusting transparencies to achieve an undetectable effect.

It should be noted that Paint Shop Pro will also help you restore old or damaged photographs. In a few simple steps, you’ll get rid of dust, marks or scratches, correct sharpness and bring the image back to its old splendor.

Finally, everybody wants to look as good as possible in his photographs, but this isn’t always the case. Fortunately, Paint Shop Pro includes tools to carry out a makeover over your friends, family or clients. It fixes red or tired eyes, smooths wrinkles, whitens smiles, eliminates errors and improves everybody’s look with simple and fun tools.

Optimize your work and edit comfortably

Paint Shop Pro is not only complete, but also easy to use. Besides, it includes various very handy tools that will help you optimize your work.

For a start, you’ll see most effects and changes in real time. Thus, you’ll adjust any change to correct errors or improve the look instantly and avoid a laborious work later. Besides, Paint Shop Pro allows a convenient editing by layers. That way you’ll not only protect the original image, it will also be much simpler to correct problems and achieve a detailed work.

Paint Shop Pro includes support for multiple monitors, letting you manage your images on one screen while editing in another one, to maintain a complete control over your work. Besides, you’ll save time creating customized scripts that will automate tasks you carry out frequently.

It should be noted that an application as complex as Paint Shop Pro can be intimidating, and it will take new users some time to get used to the large number of tools. Fortunately, the Corel Learning Center includes guides, tutorials and guided explanations for all possible actions with this excellent editor.

Finally, in case you have to create a tutorial or a guide, Paint Shop Pro offers tools to take selective and customized screenshots, that you can then use as you like.

Indulge in your creativity, with Paint Shop Pro

This complete editor includes a large number of tools to optimize photographs and to correct certain defects and details with quality and precision. However, its functions are not limited to this. You’ll also find tools and special effects that will let you get fantastic, surrealist and creative images.

For example, the High Dynamic Range (HRD) module is ideal to get the perfect exposure for a photograph, but it´s also possible to combine the exposure of different images to make colors and textures stand out, to make them much more striking.

Besides, Paint Shop Pro lets you draw and edit vectors, combining them with your photographs to achieve unique and creative effects. You’ll also have a large number of artistic brushes available, in different sizes and textures, to let you give free rein to your creativity.

Paint Shop Pro also includes various deformation tools with which you’ll be able to expand and contract some of the image’s areas or apply spiral effects to achieve strange and striking results.

Finally, Paint Shop Pro lets you optimize dynamic images for the Web, to let you share your work any way you like.

In summary, this editor is everything a photographer needs to make full use of his pictures and to express his full creativity at work. These are just some of the tools and functions that Paint Shop Pro offers; download it for free and discover its full potential!

• Wide range of options
• Editing by layers
• The possibility to create and edit vector images
• Complete help module

• Uses a lot of system resources

Paint Shop Pro limitations:
• 30-day trial
• Purchase or registration reminder
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Type Shareware

Version X5 Ultimate

Size 138.59 MB

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