Pale Moon

Pale Moon is a Web browser that, at the request of the Mozilla browser’s fans, will let you enjoy a 64-bit Firefox. This will ensure the speed and the efficiency you need.

With this fork (from an original project) developed by the Pale Moon Project, you’ll enjoy an optimized and improved Mozilla Firefox, to provide services not included in the official version. Although it has taken the source code of the Mozilla browser, Pale Moon 64 bits has eliminated everything that was redundant.

It should be noted that in Pale Moon you’ll encounter a browser appropriate for the most modern processors, that will let you reduce the Firefox RAM usage. You’ll also experience a greater speed when browsing pages and running scripts. Even so, the security features present in the application are the same ones as in the original browser.

Pale Moon vs. Waterfox

It´s worth noting that Pale Moon 64 bits presents an excellent alternative to Waterfox, the official Mozilla option, that is a much better fit with respect to style, tools and compatibility with add-ons. In any case, the possibilities it provides can be limited for this very reason.

On the other hand, the strong points in Pale Moon lie in its acclaimed stability, in its support for SVG graphics, canvas and the HTML 5 standard. This last option will make multimedia playback and browsing two features that greatly stand out.

Finally, it should be noted that Pale Moon 64 bits is available in Spanish, so you just have to get the Spanish package. In that case, having a Windows browser with so many benefits and without any cost, what are you waiting for to download it?

• Excellent 64-bit browser
• Firefox optimization
• Stability
• Speed and efficiency
• Reduces the Firefox RAM usage
• Keeps the Firefox add-ons

• Includes no parental control
• Doesn’t consider some accessibility options
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Type Freeware


Size 37.99 MB

Other versions 28.0.0 27.9.4 27.9.3 27.9.2