Panda Antivirus Pro


This latest security suite provides complete, cloud-covered protection for your PC and other devices


  • Highly effective scanning software
  • Compact, modular interface
  • Two-way firewall, process monitor, application control and more offline protection
  • PC Tuneup to improve performance
  • Protect your online identity with safe browsing, wi-fi monitor and virtual keyboard
  • Personalize all modes through the settings
  • Multi-device support
  • Real-time updates using a dedicated cloud server


  • No 'game mode' or equivalent option for processes that consume a lot of resources

Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 is a free security suite for PC, developed by Panda Security, which enables you to protect your online and offline identity while using your computer with its comprehensive protection. The program is available here as a trial version only. The full version is available externally. 

Securing Peace of Mind

Modern computer users are more aware than ever of the dangers that face us each time we log on. Our digital identity has been split across dozens or perhaps hundreds of different websites, making our personal information much easier to find. Browsing online, checking emails, or conducting other simple processes can put us at risk of cyber attack, viruses and other threats. To ensure that this does not happen continually, we need an antivirus program that's capable of protecting us when we're offline and online, no matter the activity. Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 is a great example of this, helping us achieve peace of mind when using our computers. 

Scanning and Offline Protection

The program is quick and easy to install, after which you'll be greeted by a highly compact interface, laid out as a series of 'apps' much like Windows 8. Antivirus Pro's scanning software is second to none, missing almost nothing and easily matching industry benchmarks for detection. The program will detect all kinds of threats including viruses, trojans, rootkits, malware, spyware and other threats to your data. These can be specified from the settings page. If any threats are detected, they are immediately quarantined or blocked. Your protection status is visible from the top of the screen, indicating that there are no immediate threats to your computer. To ensure that your PC performs optimally, the 'Process Monitor' will also ensure that your PC is not being slowed by unnecessary processes. Any malware or spyware attempting to enter via this route will also be intercepted. The PC Tuneup feature is similar, performing a disk clean-up process and removing obsolete or unnecessary files. 

Antivirus Pro has a two-way firewall which will protect users against both outgoing and incoming files, even if you are not aware of a threat. The firewall's rate of detection is also impressively high. In addition to the transfer of files, Antivirus Pro will also help control and prevent the installation of potentially dangerous applications (Application Control), warning you if something could pose a threat. If you are using external storage devices such as USBs, the USB Vaccine feature will automatically scan all USBs you insert into your device. Should any of this fail you, the 'Rescue Kit' will act as a kind of safe mode for your computer and allow you to fix any issues or 'disinfect' your computer from an isolated location. 

One important feature emerging in the antivirus community is cloud connectivity. When Antivirus Pro updates or confirms the nature of a particular file, it will do so in real time using its dedicated cloud server. This means that even if your current configuration does not detect a new kind of threat, the cloud more than likely will and send back a flag or a warning. 

When Antivirus Pro updates or confirms the nature of a particular file, it will do so in real time using its dedicated cloud server. This means that even if your current configuration does not detect a new kind of threat, the cloud more than likely will and send back a flag or a warning

Protecting your Identity Online

In addition to protecting all of your files while offline, Antivirus Pro guarantees your privacy and security while browsing. The 'Safe Browsing' mode will allow Antivirus Pro to scan websites before being allowed entry to prevent unwanted downloads, block URLs, malware, phishing software and more. The program will remember all of these in the future. When connecting to the internet, a 'Wi-Fi Monitor' will prevent anyone else from hijacking your connection or using it to install anything harmful. If your children are using the internet, you can also set up 'Parental Control' features to block and restrict access to particular websites. 

If you are involved in business or shop online regularly, your passwords and financial information will constantly be at risk of theft by keyloggers. With the 'Virtual Keyboard', you won't have to worry, since it will create an external interface through which you can enter your details, meaning no record of your keystrokes remain. 

One of the most important features of this software is that it will support all of your connected devices. As long as you are licensed under the same account, the same level of security and the same security settings will be available on all of your compatible devices, whether tablet, iPhone, Android, etc.

The Verdict

Whether you are using your computer for simple browsing, organzation, shopping, banking, gaming or whatever else, Panda Antivirus Pro has you covered. It will completely protect all of your files both online and offline and will guarantee privacy and security. Keep your personal information safe from keyloggers, scan regularly to prevent the download of viruses, malware and other files, browse safely and monitor your Wi-fi and so much more. Update virus classifications using a dedicated cloud server so that you never miss a thing. Best of all, you can connect all of your devices under a single license for complete protection. Download the free trial now and see what Panda Antivirus Pro 2015 can do for you! 

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