Manage and store all your passwords and integrate the software with your favorite browser

PasswordBox is a security program with which you’ll be able to save passwords securely and reliably, so that you won’t forget them again at the worst moment, nor compromising your security.

PasswordBox gets installed within second, and integrates perfectly with your favorite Web browser. Just by creating an account, the application will store all your online accounts’ username and password, to let you start with a single click. It's compatible with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Mozilla Firefox, so you won’t need to download additional software to make it work correctly.

This password manager synchronizes all your devices, to let you access your accounts and data from anywhere, without the risk of typing your passwords where they can be intercepted by third parties. PasswordBox uses a military-grade AES encryption system, so only those who know the master password will access the data.

Finally, it´s worth noting that PasswordBox helps you manage shared accounts. It commonly happens that more than one person uses the same username in services such as PayPal or GoDaddy, so it´s important that everybody has the relevant information. This service lets you share the session startup data with people in which you trust, while keeping it safe from the remainder of the world.

In summary, if you use a large variety of online services that require a password, and you want to keep your passwords secure, PasswordBox is the ideal application for you. With this program you’ll just have to remember a single password, without the security risk inherent in using the same password for all your services.

Don’t hesitate any longer to download PasswordBox for free and to have a secure and reliable solution.

• Integration with Web browsers
• Lets you share information with trusted people
• Encryption is done locally
• Only requires a single password

• Doesn’t let you recover passwords in case you forget them

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Type Freeware

Version 1.3

Size 7.97 MB

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