Control what you share socially to the world and privately in smaller circles with this great application

On most social-networks you connect to over 300 people, and it’s not likely that these are the people you are genuinely closest to. Path is an application that makes it easier to share the things in your life with the people that matter.

Path helps you capture the personal moments in your life and share them with your closest friends and family. You can track the most basic things in your life like your thoughts, your sleep pattern and where you are. You can create new ‘paths’ with individual friends, or make an inner circle and share different things with a few close friends.

You can share all the things you like with friends and family, for example the music you’re listening to, and the books you’ve read. The application gives you the ability to capture photos, edit them and apply filters. With super-fast instant-messaging, you can communicate no matter where you are.

One of the best things about this application is how ‘close to home’ it is. For instance, anyone you communicate with can react to the things you say and reveal online with more than just comments. They can send emoticons, stickers, loves and even laughs and gasps.

The application also enables you to share things to other social-networks. So those things that you think are more social and less personal can be shared through Path and onto your larger networks of acquaintances and followers. For example, you have the ability to send anything openly to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Social-networks like Facebook and Twitter are great because they connect you to others, and allow you to vent to the world. But you might dislike how you unconsciously post things that maybe you shouldn’t be sharing with everyone. Path is a great application to help you control the personal and private things that you wish for only your best friends and family to know about. You should definitely download it.


• Share the things that matter with the people that matter
• Control the personal information and that which is private in the one app


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