Path Talk


On the surface it's just an ordinary instant messenger, but there's so much more to Path's vision


  • Clean, easy to use interface
  • Chat one-to-one, in groups, or with businesses
  • Check prices or make reservations with a businesses using Path agents to get in touch for you
  • Status menu provides brief, categorized messages about what your contacts are up to
  • All chatting is private - logs are deleted from the server after 24 hours
  • Personalize your message with stickers


  • No Facebook connectivity, individual account required

Path Talk is an instant messaging app for Android, developed by Path, Inc., which lets you communicate with individuals or businesses in real time with a rather unique messaging interface.

No Ordinary Instant Messenger

Instant messengers are quite the ubiquitous thing these days. While each of them tries to provide the most intuitive, efficient, streamlined messaging service, all are unique in their own way. Chat functions, emoticons, group chats, and so on might be common factors, but it's the other features which make a messenger stand out. Path Talk is a great example of this. 

For most messengers, as it ought to be, the emphasis is on direct communication with others. Path Talk recognizes this, and its regular features resemble an ordinary instant messaging interface, with little differences. And it's these that are the most important.

Features and UI

At the top of the app will be four menus for chatting ('Talk To'), Contacts, Status and Profile.The Talk To function is a mix between Facebook messenger and an ordinary instant messenger. Conversations are displayed in a list by most recent first. Chatting one on one is the most common use of this mode. Group chat is also available between contacts if you're trying to organize a social event. All messaging is private and messages are deleted from the servers after 24 hours. This ensures that your chat logs or personal information cannot be obtained by other users.  Similar to Viber, Path Talk also lets you customize your chatting experiences by purchasing and using various stickers. These help to personalize your message and add a bit of humour, too.

Contacts can be either individuals or businesses, a rather unique feature. Path Talk takes great advantage of this system. If you want to book a hotel or a restaurant, or make an enquiry about something, but don't want to call up the business, the app's Path Agents will act as an intermediary and contact the business for you. Once they have the information, they will respond to your within minutes. This allows you to make enquiries without hassle and carry on with your day. 

If you want to book a hotel or a restaurant, or make an enquiry about something, but don't want to call up the business, the app's Path Agents will act as an intermediary and contact the business for you

The Status feature is particularly handy, as it lets you keep up to date with what your friends are doing in a very general way. If someone is nearby, in transit, engaging in some activity, available to chat, or whatever else, it will be displayed in list format on the status page. Unlike Facebook or other social networks, Path Talk displays icon-coded, single-sentence statuses for simple browsing (weather, music, transport, etc.). There are a wide range of symbols for activities, but categories are generic enough that you're bound to find one that suits. 

A Unique Instant Messenger

Path Talk simplifies a lot of the features that make other messengers difficult to handle. Chatting has everything Facebook messenger has, except it's completely private. Chat individually, in groups, or with businesses. Make reservations, check prices and much more with your favorite businesses by using Path agents to get in touch for you. Keep up to date with your friends' activities with the highly simplistic Status bar. Whether it's listening to music, jogging, or travelling to work, the categories are certain to fit. All in all, it's an excellent attempt to reinvent traditional instant messengers, with a clean, fresh approach. Well worth downloading. 

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