PC Wizard

PC Wizard is a powerful computer analysis tool with which you’ll be able to have detailed knowledge about your computer’s true performance.

This program will provide you with an enormous number of functions to examine all of your PC’s elements. You’ll have access to complete information about the operating system, RAM memory, the processor, the motherboard, CD and DVD drives, the file system, the audio and video cards and network connections. Besides, you’ll be able to know the status of hardware devices such as printer, mouse, keyboard and speakers, among others.

PC Wizard will also explore the operation of Web browsers, all the software installed, multimedia items, codecs and drivers and even security programs. This powerful utility will carry out different performance tests, both internal and external, applying the benchmark system that compares the results with the ideal standards for a computer’s performance.

Once it finishes its comprehensive analysis, PC Wizard will let you generate complete reports in different formats, such as PDF, TXT, HTML, RTF, among others. The application offers a user-friendly and complete interface, with a button bar to the left, in which you’ll find all the options required for an in-depth analysis of your PC.

• Powerful analysis tools
• Examines software and hardware
• Wide range of options
• Intuitive interface
• Generates reports in diverse formats

• It only analyzes, but doesn’t repair or optimize
• Some of the information is difficult to understand
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Type Freeware

Version 2012.2.11

Size 5.08 MB

Other versions

2012.2.11 2010 1.95