Discover the performance of your computer with PCMark 8


  • Evaluates the key aspects of your computer.
  • Standardized scoring system.
  • Personalized testing sections.


  • Each version of the system has a different scoring system.

Are you keen to find out whether your computer’s performance is at it optimum? On occasions, because of the configuration settings or because there’s old software lying around, things don’t run as smoothly as they should. Well, now you can test this out through a complete audit of your PC with PCMark, that will be your best ally in inspecting your PC’s hardware.

Nothing can hide from PCMark

PCMark lets you see if something’s stopping your computer from running at its full potential, by checking for unnecessary tasks, completing an analysis of the RAM, checking the graphics card, checking the hard drive, looking at the battery state (for laptop), and much more.

The best thing about PCMark is that it’s based on the highest industry standards in order to offer trustworthy information. The ideas is that the information is accurate in order to compare it with other similar computers. It must be noted, however, that every version of PCMark has a different rating system so it’s not possible to compare ratings across older versions of PCMark. As frustrating as this might be, it’s because industry standards are constantly changing, and as a result it’s not really practical to compare the scores of a Pentium 200 MMX to those of new model.

There’s a test for that

Another new aspect of PCMark is that all of its tests are divided into different sections. This is logical, because it’s not the same seeing whether your computer is capable of playing MP4 videos in 4K, to seeing whether it’s good for gaming, for example.

Without a doubt, PCMark es idea for those who complete modding or similar activities; it’s much easier to compete knowing what your computer is capable. The user forum also suggests that its users compete in overclocking competitions and similar things.

So, there you have it: whether you want to know what your PC can do, or if you’re interested in modding or overclocking, PCMark is for you.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.7.613

Size 2 GB

Other versions

2.7.613 8 v2-6-512