PCSX2 is a PlayStation 2 emulator for your computer, with which you’ll be able to enjoy all your favorite titles.

This project is designed to adapt Sony’s PlayStation 2 code to your computer. If you have the BIOS, you’ll no longer need the console to run any game you want. The emulator is currently compatible with over 1500 games, include some of the most popular ones such as Devil May Cry 3 or Final Fantasy X.

Although its developers tried to achieve an emulator that is easy to configure, some knowledge is still necessary to make full use of PCSX2. It should be noted that many parameters have to be adjusted to be able to adapt the code to a desktop PC. Besides, you’ll need a computer with a good video card and a powerful processor if you want games to run at a normal speed.

In any case, there are many tutorials and manuals on the Internet, explaining step by step how to adjust the emulator correctly to make it work. With some trial and error, PCSX2 will be correctly configured and you’ll be able to start using it. Then you’ll simply need a CD or an image of any PS2 game, and you’ll be able to play just as with a console.

Finally, it should be noted that PCSX2 is an open-source project, reason why it is constantly being improved. Download it for free, and start enjoying your favorite games!

• Compatible with a large number of titles
• Wide range of options
• Very stable

• Requires some knowledge to configure it
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Type Free (GPL)

Version 1.4.0

Size 17.01 MB

Other versions

1.4.0 0.9.8 0.9.7 R3113 0.9.6