Convert and read over 100 different document formats with Corel PDF Fusion

Corel PDF Fusion is a document conversion program that works with over 100 different document formats as well as dozens of image formats.

The main use of this program would, of course, be the conversion of different documents into the PDF format. You may need to do this in order to later share the document, read it on an Android device or other type of computer, or because the original format is outdated and unreadable. Whichever reason it may be, this is an excellent tool for PDF conversion of documents in other formats.

Corel PDF Fusion has a super intuitive interface that offers users three different ways to view documents and files. The Page View lets you focus on one page at a time for cropping, rotating, or bookmarking. Flick View allows users to flip through a document just as you would with the pages of a book. Assembly View is specifically for cobbling together a single document out of the pages extracted from other documents.

One task that this program could definitely come in handy for is the restoration of old and outdated documents. These may be documents you found on a long-deceased family member or friend’s hard drive that was created with a word processor that hasn’t been used in years. Just import it into the program, choose which view option you would like to use, and select “Convert”. You will be presented with a whole new document, this time intelligible.

Corel PDF Fusion is also great for creating a sort of document collage. Use the Assembly View to show all of the different pages and extracts of documents that you want to unite. Then simply arrange them however you want and start the conversion process. The result will be a comprehensive document full of information gathered from many different places, now all in the same place.

Whatever you like to use PDF conversion tools for, Corel PDF Fusion is an excellent choice to keep in mind. Download a free trial of Corel PDF Fusion and start reviving old documents, converting unreadable ones, and creating your own document collages.

• Intuitive interface
• Three different viewing modes
• Reads over 100 different document formats
• Reads dozens of image formats
• Batch Editor feature allows for conversion of many files at once

• Glitchy installation
• Doesn’t support eBook reader formats

Corel PDF Fusion Limitations:
• 30-day trial
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Type Shareware

Version 2013

Size 279.46 MB

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