Avoid being frustrated by the existence of PDF logos by downloading the PDF Logo Remover


  • Removes watermarks from PDF files
  • Add watermarks to PDF files
  • Save printer’s ink


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PDF Logo Remover is a utility tool for your PC that allows you to remove watermarks from PDF files.

If you are someone that spends a lot of time studying and researching topics online then you will be very familiar with PDF files. These documents are easy to read, sort through and an ideal way to present studies or study notes online. Although PDF’s have a lot of attractive qualities one thing that may cause frustration is the fact that they cannot be edited. A lot of PDF documents contains watermarks, these can often be very large and take up the entire background of a PDF document. If you want to print out the documents these watermarks are very severe on your printer’s ink. If this is something that has caused you frustration in the past then you need to save yourself future stress by downloading the PDF Logo Remover.

The PDF Logo Remover removes logos and backgrounds from PDF files without effecting the visual quality of files. The application also features a batch mode that removes the same image from multiple documents at once, so you don’t have to do the job individually. The PDF Logo Remover allows you to remove logos, background images, footer and header images or any other type of embedded pictures.

If you ever wanted to add logos to your own PDFs you can also do so with the PDF Logo Remover. So as well as removing watermarks this application allows you to create your own! If you spend a lot of your time dealing with PDF files then the PDF Logo Remover will make an excellent addition to your desktop.

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Type Shareware

Version 1.0

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