PDF OCR X Community Edition


Put your documents just where you want with PDF OCR X Community Edition


  • Turns PDF documents into text files.
  • Supports PDF and pictures.
  • Easy to use.


  • Although it’s very accurate, always is recommendable to check the texts manually.

Actually, there are two worlds that have contact and collide constantly: the analog and the digital. Despite the breach seems every time narrower, there still are areas where this is being observed more clearly. One of those areas is the world of documents, where coexist with so much difficulty the printout text and the electronic one.

PDF OCR X Community Edition purposes a way to save that distance, with a tool that recognizes the text of PDF documents and pictures and turns into an editable text. In the first case, we talk about PDF text that can be read clearly despite of being in a picture format.

Definitely, PDF OCR X Community Edition gets that a scanned document, a picture you download from Internet or one of those old files that are in the office turn into a text, so you can use it at any other place or to search in it. One of the keys to make this happen is to define the language of the document on PDF OCR X Community Edition, because each language has packs of different characters. Actually, PDF OCR X Community Edition supports 60 languages, among them includes English, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and Japanese -which doesn’t mean that don’t recognize documents in other languages, but you have to define the pack of characters that suits better-.

PDF OCR X Community Edition is very easy to use because it does everything on its own, although is recommendable to check always the text to be sure that is written correctly.

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Type Freeware

Version 2.0.22

Size 56.92 MB

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2.0.22 2.0.20