PDF-ShellTools, is a software that extends the Windows Shell and provides access to several tools to work with PDF documents directly from the Shell environment, enabling the user to perform many common task with PDF documents without needing Adobe Acrobat or any other PDF desktop application.
PDF-ShellTools is using several tools for editing a PDF file such as: PDF info tip, PDF Info Edit, Insert/Append/Attach on Drop, Column Handler, Property Handler, Shell Context Menu Tools, PDF Anonymize, PDF Rotate Pages, PDF Split/Extract, PDF Extract/Rearrange, PDF Insert/Append, PDF Attachments, PDF Set Open Options, PDF Set/Reset Password Security, PDF Stamp/Watermark, PDF Extract Text Content, and PDF Renamer.
Using the software will greatly provide an ease to the user who wishes to edit any PDF file that is known to be difficult because of its data encryption.
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Type Shareware

Version 2.6.2

Size 5.2 MB

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2.6.2 1.0 Build 12 Patch 1