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Experience soccer like never before with PES 2014 for PC

PES 2014 is the latest soccer game in the Konami Pro Evolution Soccer game series that features improved gameplay, animation, and more.

One thing that is known for sure about this game is that it is being designed using the new Fox Engine. This is the engine that Konami will use for all future games, plus a modified version for soccer games.

Thanks to the Fox Engine, PES 2014 will include such features as Barycenter Physics & Ball Control and more. This particular feature improves animation a great deal as well as giving you total control of the player, three times more control than in the previous PES game. For example, if a player has a lower center of gravity, they will be harder to knock over.

Another excellent new feature is improved physicality. This means that players will truly have to fight to get the ball and even be able to grab hold of clothing if they are defenders. A new tackling system will also be introduced.

PES 2014 is set to be released in September of this year, so in the meantime why not download a video of PES 2014 to see what it will be all about?
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