PES 2015


The most popular football game in the world returns


  • Intense, pulsating, exciting gameplay typical of PES games
  • Beautiful lighting and graphical effects for players and stadiums alike
  • Smart AI ensures that opposing players learn and adapt for maximum realism
  • Highly responsive, versatile controls for the most precise of passes
  • Online play is fun and fast-paced
  • myClub mode lets you build your perfect team and compete against others


  • Licensing agreements alters names of teams, stadia, sponsors, kits, etc.
  • Facial accuracy for some players takes from realism

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a world-famous football simulator game, developed by Konami, that is available for PC.


While always living in the shadow of their rival FIFA, PES players have little to fear this time. Konami have worked long and hard on the marketing of PES 2015, and have assured fans that it would deliver with a better and more real experience for users. They even chose to delay the release on next-gen consoles until mid-November to facilitate these upgrades. Having played the game, I can now say that the wait has been worth it, and it is without reservation that I can say that PES 2015 is the most fine-tuned, elegant, and most realistic iteration of the franchise ever produced. FIFA needs to make room for the new king of football games. 

The Most Beautiful Game Ever

On-field realism is undoubtedly the hallmark of Pro Evolution Soccer games, perhaps even more so than its rival FIFA games. In many respects, PES even falls in line with FIFA. Where it differs, in fact, is not in its modes or even the basic tenets of footballing gameplay, but in its finesse of delivery to the player, and the realism that goes with it. From the moment you pick up the controller, you can only feel impressed. Before even stepping onto the pitch, the sheer quality of the graphics is bound to excite. Every stadium is a masterpiece of graphical design, creating a true match day feeling.

The players just as impressive. They look astoundingly real and you truly feel as if the players are physical beings, directly responding to your every input. Individual players like Ronaldo or Messi each have a different set of personal physics. Movements not only seem intensely real and look slick, responsive, and dynamic, but Konami has worked tirelessly to ensure that every player feels and plays as they should in real life for a more authentic playing experience. Controlling and manipulating the ball feels just as natural, using the classic four-button passing system for through balls, short passes, crosses/ short shots, and longer shots. A player can even place hit foot on the ball to control the pace of the game.  

Konami has worked tirelessly to ensure that every player feels and plays as they should for a more authentic playing experience

While playing against a competitive opponent, the game continues to impress. Player AI is better than ever in PES 2015, as teams are quick to change tactics based on your players' actions. When pressure is being applied during a match and a strike at goal is inevitable, you will very often see players tracking back to defend a corner or a cross, or a keeper coming off his line to depend an awkward through ball. If one of your players is on a yellow card, the opposing team will take every opportunity to have that player sent off.  

Build your own team with myClub

Similar to its rival, FIFA's Ultimate Team, PES's myClub allows a player to build their own team from a group of initially unskilled players and turn them into a team of superstars. After choosing a manager, your formation is fixed, so make sure you've chosen wisely. Next, you pick a nationality, determining where your player pool will come from (not like the eclectic approach of FUT 15).  Following this, players are signed via agents, With the right manager at the helm and the right players, your team's chemistry improves through a red highlighting system affording more success in matches. PES 2015 also offers the option of paying small microtransactions to acquire myClub coins, for those more dedicated to this feature. Coins are also offered for daily play and completion of in-game achievements, so players needn't feel they are being put at a disadvantage. 

Online play is just as exciting. While typically football simulators are best enjoyed with friends in your living room, the online component isn't something to be ignored. Games are found quickly, it delivers little to no lag (assuming you have a good internet connection) and gameplay is fast and competititve as expected. 

The Licensing Problem

For those looking for total realism in a football game, PES 2015 has one drawback. Content which is not currently licensed by FIFA such as player names, sponsors, kits, stadium names, and other such information will not be presented accurately to players. Instead, names are altered to conform with licensing agreements. In such cases, however, the settings mode allows you to meticulously change as many such details as you want. Please not that these settings will not be applied for online play. 

As the latest iteration of the Pro Evolution Soccer franchise PES 2015 continues to excite, innovate and redefine what it means to play. The game comes jam-packed with features, gorgeous graphics, and an unprecedented sense of realism for the most immersive gaming experience. If you're a football fanatic, it's definitely worth a look. Whether you're a casual gamer or a devoted fan, PES 2015 is the best possible way to play football games. 


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