Create freehand drawings with this image editor featuring multiple tools

Phierha is a free image editor with a large number of tools, especially designed to create freehand drawings.

Phierha is an excellent alternative to Photoshop for those who want a specialized freehand drawing program which is both complete and free. This application has absolutely all the tools you might need to achieve high-quality images, with all the details you deem necessary.

Phierha is the successor to Pixia, one of the most used programs to draw manga available on the market. In this new edition it includes more functions and lets you work with more variations in brushes and other tools. It also lets you use different fonts, and has a real-time preview to let you easily decide which is most adequate.

Regardless of whether you use a tablet or a mouse, Phierha has an excellent sensitivity and a great precision, that will let you draw anything you need without having to worry. Besides, it includes an excellent module to create and save color palettes, which is always a click away to use in your work. You’ll always find the perfect color for each scene and character, and you won’t have to worry about forgetting it in the future.

It´s important to note that Phierha can be complex for beginners, and its interface may be confusing for those who have never worked with image editors. However, the large number of tools and functions included are perfect for new artists to experiment with different styles and possibilities, if they take the time to learn to move around in the workspace.

In summary, Phierha is a complex and precise editor, ideal for those who enjoy drawing manga or other types of comics, but just as useful for anybody who enjoys creating art. Though it can be intimidating for beginners, the large number of options it offers makes it worthwhile to take the time to learn using it.

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• Large number of tools
• Lets you save color palettes
• Supports several formats
• Wide variety of brushes

• The interface can be overwhelming

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Type Freeware

Version 1.90a

Size 12.09 MB

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